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Monday, November 3rd, 2008


This is the one thing of which I am sure, that the greatest achievement is to believe and to preserve hope–especially against all odds, despite all the ‘inside information’ that contradicts, and in reckless disregard of every rational evaluation of the facts which say there is no hope. Nonetheless believe.

In upholding the belief that good is good, and that compassion and humanity are noble and right, whether these things prevail or not, they gain ground and make progress. In simply preserving the hope that things can be better than they have become, and that we can make it so, by that simple faith we have already won. No matter the outcome of the contest, we will in no small measure be victorious, even if–especially if–dirty tricks and deceit were used successfully against our cause.

Frankly, there is little which gives rise to spontaneous hope in these present circumstances. All seems arrayed against the fondest and most humane desires of my heart. I expect this presidential election will again be stolen from the rightful winner, and not surreptitiously. I expect the theft of the 2008 election to be carried out in ways brutal and overt, the intention being to demonstrate the impotence of the electorate in the most provocative way possible, and to instigate great social unrest and chaos during which the ‘enemies of the state’, aka patriots, can be singled out and neutralized.

This may appear laughable to others not as cynical as me. And never have I hoped the optimists are right as much as now. But regardless, I believe there is a majority–a vast majority–in this country that supports true democracy without improper influence from monstrous corporations.

I believe that by far most people have the moral sense and integrity to reject all that has been these last eight years, and anything that hints at prolonging that nightmare–a nightmare of war, of greed, and of indecent privilege.

I believe that good people will do good, no matter what hardships they may be forced to suffer. And I believe that which is best within our human hearts can prevail even when it appears all has been lost. Especially then.

I believe.

And when the end has come, when all the glorious rallies have ended and all the magnificent resounding impassioned cries for justice have echoed their last, then we shall truly know:

Did we in the end finally give up? Did we lose all hope, and resign ourselves to despondency?

Or did we, through it all, against all odds and in the face of every opposition refuse to relinquish that hope which illuminates the darkness, and promises to one day banish the night forever?

I believe, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that with almost no effort at all we can preserve that hope through every opposition and against every assault that would seek to extinguish it. It does not prevail because we win the election, or because all that is right and good becomes reality. It is not dependent on success. In fact it thrives in the midst of apparent failure, when all seems to be lost, and every reason to persevere seems gone. Yet it survives, if only we refuse to give it up. We can only lose hope by giving it up. Hope will never lose us.