From an old posting, life.
Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Tell me a story and make it quick. I cannot hang on much longer. Tell me a story to lift me away, to make wings of my leaden limbs, and to make, of my stinging tears, a single trembling summer star. Oh give me, please, a sentinel of love; a guide for this poor heart to find its home, a light to lead the lover out of hate and call the tender out from hiding behind the rocks and thorns. Under such a star—on a beach, perhaps, or even just outside a rowdy bar—lightly touch my lips again, as you once did, with a given kiss, not stolen, and this time I will not run away. Let me finally see the joy for which I came so far.


3 Responses to “From an old posting, life.”

  1. sshawnn Says:

    If youʻre like me youʻll say, think and feel this but when/if the time comes still end up running away.

  2. sshawnn Says:

    Hey this is the only way i’ve found to leave a comment. What’s up with you abandoning twitter with no formal goodbye? Actually, that’s the same way i’d do it. Anyhow, since you aint waisting time there you should be updating this more often…riiiiight???

  3. joe Says:

    sshawnn, I am @superfluosity now, changed from @burgwinkel. Plus a new icon. Sorry, I didn’t think it would look the same as abandonment. But I guess that’s how it does come across, eh? Should I change it back? I got tired of ‘burgwinkel’.